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Patron's Committee

Personalities from the world of music and art are convinced of the therapeutic effect of music and art and support the Art-Therapie Foundation.

The globally celebrated conductor VALERY GERGIEV, manager of the Mariinski-Theaters in St. Petersburg, director of the Munich Philharmonic, is without a doubt one of the most influential personalities of our time. He is convinced:

"Music can touch a person's innermost parts. Its effect on the soul, spirit and body is uncontested."

"As the language of emotions, music can build bridges where the spoken language cannot."

Photo: Valentin Baranovsky, State Academic Mariinsky

Kian Soltani, Artist in Residence, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (2019), born in Bregenz, Austria, in 1992. This cellist of Persian origin is one of the most fascinating representatives of the younger generation. The charismatic musician is at home in the worlds of European classical music and contemporary Iranian music alike. He plays in renowned orchestras and with famous conductors. Like other renowned people from the world of music, he is convinced of the therapeutic effect of music and supports the Fondation ART-THERAPIE as an ambassador.

"Music connects people across all borders and cultures. It touches their inner-most cores. I am certain that music has a therapeutic effect on ill children and teens, and support the cause of Fondation ART-THERAPIE."

"It is said that the sound of a cello is very similar to that of human voices. This music can, therefore, have a particularly positive effect on ill children and teens. It relaxes, comforts, stimulates, motivates and helps reduce their suffering."

Photo: Holger Hage & Deutsche Grammophon

The world-famous singer, songwriter and actress PETULA CLARK lives in Switzerland and has been a patron right from the start. She dedicated the song Butterfly in the Snow, which she wrote and composed herself, to severely ill children. The touching song encourages, awakens and strengthens positive feelings.

"Art and music reach a great number of young patients. They touch places in them where no injection can reach."

With his harp, composer and musician ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER has created his very own, strange and unique world of sounds. He keeps surprising his audience with new ideas. The typical "Vollenweider Sound" has become a trademark of global renown and international triumph. The artist moved into fascinating, uncharted territory with a very special project: following the request of a research group at the university hospital of Geneva in research of the brain development of extremely premature infants, Andreas Vollenweider developed a music to be played to these children at precisely specified times. First results showed significant improvement of brain development while also relaxing the babies, who are subject to great stress in that situation. Andreas Vollenweider explains:

"It's not really a secret, but unfortunately the phenomenon is still largely underestimated. Music can lead us into our innermost selves. It shows us the way into the deep layers of our souls, the sediments of our subconscious. Just as every impairment and every disease originates from there, it is also the depth at which healing commences. Music, building on a consistently positive, harmonising effect, can activate an incredibly rich world of positive inner images and emotions here, which can in turn trigger and support complex healing processes."

"Painting, visual art, dance and literature can also unfetter the most important of human skills: our imagination. This is the central force in recovery. If we cannot imagine ourselves to be or become well and happy, the path there will be stony and hard. Art therapy should play a central role in all areas of human medicine, as well as in research."

Photo: Keystone

Le pianiste LOUIS LORTIE canadien à fait ses débuts avec l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal à l’age de treize ans pour partir plus tard avec l’Orchestre Symphonique de Toronto pour une tournée historique en Chine et au Japon. Depuis lors, il a joué avec des orchestres de renommée mondiale et dans des salles de concert prestigieuses. Depuis, il joue dans les salles et avec les orchestres les plus renommées et partage son temps entre le Canada, la Belgique et l'Italie, où il a fondé le Festival LacMus sur le lac de Côme.

« La fondation Art Thérapie mérite tout notre soutien. J’ai été très impressionné par le dévouement et la science du docteur Valdo Pezzoli (médecin-chef service de pédiatrie, hôpital régional de Lugano). Malheureusement, nous musiciens sommes très peu au courant des capacités thérapeutiques de notre art et nous devrions déjà aux études apprendre à collaborer à cette magnifique recherche. Je serai enchanté de participer à des activités artistiques pour promouvoir cette association visionnaire. Avec mes meilleurs vœux de succès! »

Foto: EliasPhotography

The young and talented cellist SOL GABETTA has made a name for herself with numerous international guest appearances. She also teaches at the music academy in Basel and started the SOlsberg chamber music festival.

"As a cellist I am familiar with the emotional power and relaxing effect of music and feel a friendly relationship to the Art-Therapie foundation and its concerns. "

"Music is an essential element, particularly for stressed people. I experience this myself directly with my handicapped sister. She is happy and is immediately calmer when she hears me practising. The melody takes all her tenseness away. She also has a very good ear for music. She loves to sing and soon knew the texts by heart, whereas otherwise she can only remember very little. "

Photo: @Julia Wesely

Music in the colours of the soul : The famous pianist ELIZABETH SOMBART plays in the most prestigious concert halls in the world and devotes herself to training young pianists in Switzerland and abroad. As founder and president of the Résonnance foundation she brings music to the places of suffering: In hospitals, prisons, retirement homes and residences for the disabled. "For injured souls" as she expresses it in her empathetic manner.

"Our consciousness perceives tones directly with both our physical bodies and our souls. In this way we have the ability of bringing them back into harmony. "

The internationally-known artist comes MICHEL HUELIN from the Jura and lives in Geneva. He has made one of his fascinating works available for the CD cover of Petula Clark. He is convinced that the creative therapy approach releases vital internal powers.

"The huge plus of art therapy is its ability to use the potential of young patients. This is why I support this approach of converting creative energy to inner strengths. "