• «Art and music touch places in the young patients where no injection can reach.»
    Petula Clark, singer, songwriter and patron of the Fondation ART-THERAPIE

  • «Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't.»
    Johnny Depp

  • «Music can build bridges where the spoken language cannot.»
    Valeri Gergiev, conductor and opera company director, patron oft he Fondation ART-THERAPIE

  • «In a peripheral hospital, paediatrics is like a safe harbour»
    Dr. Valdo Pezzoli, head physician at the paediatrics department in the regional hospital of Lugano

  • «Art- and music therapy allow the patient to become immerged in another world.»
    C.B., art-therapist at University Children’s Hospital Zurich

  • «It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.»
    D. W. Winnicott, English paediatrician and psychoanalyst


Symposium, 21.Juni 2018 im Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
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Le sapin du coeur 2018 du Centre Manor Chavannes en faveur de la Fondation Art-Thérapie

Les passants étaient invités à décorer le grand Sapin du Coeur en accrochant des décorations vendues et les fonds récoltés contribueront à soutenir les projets de la Fondation Art-Thérapie.

Symposium 2018