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Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB)

Music therapy on the intensive care ward for oncology, neonatology and orthopaedics
Acute, chronic and psychosomatic diseases, cancer, metabolic disorders, neuro-orthopaedic and neurological diseases, dysmorphias

The music therapist supports patients during their often long stays at hospital. Music therapy usually takes place in the patients' rooms by their hospital beds, and sometimes also as group therapy in a common room. The music therapist brings her well-equipped music cart to the wards since 2000. Two projects were initiated in 2015 and the necessary material, such as recording devices, song books and hygienically proper instruments were purchased. These projects are stimulation of extremely premature babies with recorded voices of their parents in the neonatology ward and an open parent-child singing offer on the oncology ward.

Cornelia Neuhaus, co-management therapies
Monika Esslinger, clinical music therapist MAS SFMT